Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Accelerate your business.

ATOM (Connect) is a multi-tenancy capable Managed Service Platform, an IT-as-a-Service platform, fully managed and owned by ATOM IT based on governance, risk and compliance best practices applied from regulated industries.

ATOM Connect

Our very own privately managed telecommunications & computing infrastructure that is desgined for security, scalability and sustainability.



E-Mail & File Sharing

Gain confidence and control with our data storage and processing facilities located in a location that meets your compliance requirements.

Operations Monitoring

We can help you monitor your existing infrastructure in terms of Availability, Capacity and Performance Management.  Be confident knowing we have your back.

With traditional providers, what happens if submarine cables are cut and your provider is unable to offer you alternative routes to your computing resources? When you sign up for ATOM Connect, a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) will sit in your office location, providing you secured connectivity to your computing resources.